Send Rodents Scurrying

Send Rodents Scurrying

We offer mice and rat removal in Chino Valley & Prescott, AZ

If you hear skittering and scratching in the walls, you might have a rodent problem. Rodents can hide and multiply easily, so it's important to get rodent control services quickly. Residents in Chino Valley & Prescott, AZ turn to Nemesis Enterprises for mice and rat removal services. You can count on us to get rodents out of your home permanently.

Don't use ineffective mouse traps or store-bought rat poison- hire a rodent control specialist. Call now to schedule mouse or rat removal services in Chino Valley & Prescott, AZ. We also serve Prescott and Prescott Valley.

Rodents can seriously damage your home

Even if you've never seen a rat or mouse in your home, they could still be causing serious problems. If you don't get rodent control services, the rodents could...

  • Damage your insulation and drive up your energy costs
  • Chew through your upholstered furniture and electronics
  • Carry hazardous parasites into your home
  • Gnaw on wires, which can cause fires

Take control of your rodent problem before it costs you thousands in repairs. Make an appointment with an exterminator today.